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This blog is for my 11 things class. I will be documenting my learning as I go along this summer! I am hoping to get it all done while the family is out and about!

I am hoping to blog next school year with my students!

This is my second blog, the first is mylifeshouldbeonrealitytv.blogspot.com. It is about my family and the quirky things that happen to us! And really there are always funny things happening here!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Tool #1

Creating a blog and making a VOKI

I have several blogs and have been blogging for a while so that part was fairly easy. I am hoping to get new ways to blog with my students next school year if I can make it safe and easy to maintain.

The VOKI was fun, although I don't really know why you would do it other than to make your page more entertaining. Maybe I will look around to see what other people do with that.


  1. glad to see your post! One of the things the fourth grade tech team did with a voki was to record it from the computer screen with a FLIP to put on a movie...think of the menu activity from last year...they could make a series of vokis for the video. I haven't figured out how to get it out any other way than to video tape it or embed it into a wiki or blog...Enjoy your travels....as you go through the tools...many will be a repeat from 23 things...

  2. Candase the Voki is cute but I feel like Cheryl with it... it wouldnt work for me. I have a feeling you will hear from me for HELP on some of this! Just warning you. :0)

  3. Could your students create Vokis for character analysis, to explain a topic or position, be a famous scientist or Texan? You would create a Google Sites and teach the students how to embed them on the web page!

  4. I will be interested to see how your blogging goes with your students. I like your Vokis. It does look like you if you were a dog.