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This blog is for my 11 things class. I will be documenting my learning as I go along this summer! I am hoping to get it all done while the family is out and about!

I am hoping to blog next school year with my students!

This is my second blog, the first is mylifeshouldbeonrealitytv.blogspot.com. It is about my family and the quirky things that happen to us! And really there are always funny things happening here!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thing #9 Useful library related blogs

I looked at the search engines for the blogs and they were a little overwhelming! I didn't know where to begin! I didn't like the Syndic8.com. It was such a busy page I didn't get much farther than the home page.

I did like the edublogawards site. I found a few useful sites including one on science and math that I can use next year. So I finally found one that I liked and then when I went to subscribe to it it sent me to a new reader!

I would rather find blogs that I like and follow them on blogspot.



  1. Some sites like edublogawards can be helpful when looking for best sites since they can "weed" out some of the not so good sites. Picking a few to follow next year is a great way to get started. You are doing a good job on your 11 1/2 things.

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one that finds some of this overwhelming! Thanks for the honesty.

  3. Same here on the overwhelmed feeling. I was expecting Technorati to be a lot more user-friendly than it was. Regardless, I found a couple of useful blogs on Google.