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This blog is for my 11 things class. I will be documenting my learning as I go along this summer! I am hoping to get it all done while the family is out and about!

I am hoping to blog next school year with my students!

This is my second blog, the first is mylifeshouldbeonrealitytv.blogspot.com. It is about my family and the quirky things that happen to us! And really there are always funny things happening here!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tool # 3 Online videos


Here are my two videos. I think that I prefer to have the link as trying to embed this in the post was troublesome! I tried to look at the video instructions but I think good old fashion typed instructions to embed would be helpful. They maybe on there but I could not find them. It is also frustrating to have some of the videos not working. I could see adding this if you wanted to make a video for my parents to see then embed it. However I would be aware of the which students are allowed to publish pictures.

I am still a little confused about what I can use and can't. I think the safest thing would be to only post original content for now and not scan whole documents.

I also looked for the Picasso web remix but was unable to fine it. This 11 tools seems a little harder than the 23 things. I feel like I am a fairly computer savy but at each turn this seems to take an extremely long time to get these items to work. This is taking a lot longer than the 9 PDLC hours that I am getting. I am hoping my future experience is better.

I do appreciate Karen taking her time to help us with our tools!


  1. Look at you working so well and generating so many ideas! I think I am going to need some tutoring.

  2. On my blog...through atomic learning are SHORT detailed videos on embedding video into blogs. I can show you. It takes toggling into the HTML tab on the blog and copy and pasting the code. Not difficult...just need to know the tricks.
    Yes...doing this takes a lot longer than you think...but the more you use it..the quicker and easier it becomes!