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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tool # 8

I am very happy to have the new net books. Our old dell laptops are very slow and had many problems. I look forward to being about to have our own set to use that are updated. I do however think that the net books/and ipads are better than the itouches. There are some great apps but more often the net books will be used for real world projects. I would like to have some suggestions on apps for older students with the itouch and ipad. Most of the ones I have found are games.

I am very familiar with both the net books and the ipads. I think that it is really nice that they all have web cams and the SD cards can be used when we take pictures of our class experiments.

I think I will be okay with setting up the ipad and maintaining it. I am going to be asking my parents to help with itunes gift certificates on my wall wisher!

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  1. Definitely ask for the iTunes cards. I found some cool productivity apps for the iPad...I'll share them in August!