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Friday, August 6, 2010

Thing #15 Web 2.0 Library 2.0

WOW... that video was very good! It is very typical of most students in this day and age. My step children are able to do 3 thing including reading, studying and checking facebook all while maintaining a conversation with me. They need stimulation and other forms not found in a book. I think our district is ahead of this curve by putting the activeboards in classrooms and making so many things interactive in our libraries. I think most of the teachers are not using the technology to the best ability in those classrooms. We need to push this more by making it part of our PD and PDAS as well. I have seen some teachers just use the activeboards as a glorified over head not really interactive just same old stand and deliver just done on the board. I think it would be a good idea for the district to offer incentives for making flipcharts and sharing them with other teachers. We need to get on board with the students because they will just tune us out or worse become discipline problems. The students are ever changing and as teachers we need to change with them.

While I think that the library needs to change to be more interactive we also need to hold onto books as well. Weather it be in electronic form or old fashion book form we need to stress the importance of being able to read and communicate both short (tweets) and longer formats (novels!)


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